Technical Committee “Platinum Group Metals”

In April 2003, the functions of the permanent working national body of the Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization — ITC 102 “Platinum Group Metals” were transferred to Krastsvetmet. The current members of ITC 102 are 14 Russian enterprises and organizations. Technical committees are created on a voluntary basis in order to organize and conduct the standardization of certain kinds of products, technologies and services.

Duties of ITC 102 are:

  • development and revision of Russian national and interstate standards of platinum group metals;
  • preparation of proposals for the national standardization program;
  • harmonization of Russian national and interstate standards at the international level;
  • promotion of the adoption of international and regional standards;
  • cooperation with technical committees in related areas;
  • ensuring the interests of the Russian Federation during cooperation with similar international TC;
  • interaction with federal and other executive bodies;
  • examination of organizations’ draft standards.

Precious metals are strategic materials and important exports for Russia: standardization for metal testing is essential at the national level. Precious metals are subject to strict reporting in accordance with the law “On Precious Metals and Precious Stones” and the Rules on precious metals reporting and storage. There are often cases when the results obtained according to certified methods (standards of organizations) may not be recognized as reliable (consumer and supplier disputes, arbitration, litigation, metal export and other). In such cases, a national standard resolves problems which arise, as it is much more difficult to challenge (especially in court) the results of work carried out in accordance with the national standard, compared with results obtained by certified methods.

Achievements of ITC 102 since 2003:

  • the entire fund of regulations assigned to ITC 102 and also used at Krastsvetmet have been audited in accordance with GOST R ISO 5725-2002;
  • the metrological examination of interstate standards in platinum metals for compliance with GOST R ISO 5725-2002 has been conducted;
  • two national and two interstate standard technical specifications for platinum and palladium content requirements that were absent in previous standards of technical specifications have been developed and enacted;
  • eight national standards for analysis methods of refined platinum and palladium have been developed and put into operation;
  • GOST R "Ruthenium. Rhodium. Iridium. Measuring method of mass loss on ignition" has been developed and implemented.