Precious Metals Labware

Krastsvetmet manufactures platinum laboratory ware and products for industrial use of precious metals alloys: 

  • cylindrical and conical crucibles (0.1 ml—10 000 ml capacity);
  • high-form crucibles, high-from crucibles with reinforced rims, wide-form crucibles, micro crucibles (0.3 ml to 310 ml capacity), crucible lids;
  • casting dishes with a spherical bottom, flat bottom and, conical casting dishes (10 ml to 1 200 ml capacity);
  • funnels (with a cylinder, with a grid);
  • baskets of platinum micro crucibles;
  • tubes and cases;
  • platinum tipped forceps and tweezers;
  • laboratory spoons and spatulas;
  • platinum combustion boats;
  • electrodes and micro electrodes.