Krastsvetmet specializes in machine-woven chains and bracelets made of gold 585" and 750" alloys, platinum 950", palladium 850" and silver 925". The range of products manufactured by Krastsvetmet's jewelry production includes 32 kinds of base chains used for the further production of 220 kinds of chains and bracelets. 

Hollow chain production is one of the most prioritized directions of the jewelry production development. Krastsvetmet is currently engaged in the serial production of 18 distinct kinds of hollow chains and diamond cut gold bracelets.

Jewelry production is a complete manufacturing cycle complex — from jewelry alloy casting to diamond cutting and finishing. 

In 1991, it was decided to manufacture jewelry at the facility. In 1994, the production of jewelry began. The first product was jewelry made of silver 925" and gold and platinum jewelry production then started in 1996.

The company is constantly working on expanding the range of manufactured hollow and full-weight chains, upgrading the technology of hollow chain production, optimizing expenses and enhancing production efficiency.