Social Responsibility

Kratsvetmet, as one of the largest employers in Krasnoyarsk, gives the highest priority to social programs.

Healthcare Service

Krastsvetmet has an onsite workplace clinic that provides diagnosis, treatment, preventive medical examinations, vaccinations and insurance for employees. Krastsvetmet also reimburses employees’ health resort treatments.

Financial Aid

Krastsvetmet provides financial aid for workers in cases of hardship, including in the form of interest-free mortgages.


Personnel Development

Krastsvetmet has implemented a personnel development system, which focuses on retaining and promoting internal personnel to fill top-level vacancies. It promotes loyalty of employees interested in professional growth.

In 2014, the training was completed by:
314 workers at the workplace,
171 workers at day release courses,
and 593 engineers and technicians at day release courses.


Every year, from January 14 to September 5, Krastsvetmet holds contests, for employees, in the following ten sports: skiing, ice skating, indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, billiards, swimming, table tennis, cycling and athletics. Colleagues, relatives and friends also come to support the athletes and enjoy the spectacle.

Besides sport contests, Krastsvetmet supports sports teams and reimburses the employees’ classes in sports clubs.


Young Professionals

For the successful adaptation of young professionals and the development of corporate culture, Krastsvetmet supports the arrangement of cultural and sports events such as:

  • The Territory of Initiative Youth “Biryusa”;
  • The Forum of employed youth;
  • The team of CCQW (The Club of the Cheerful and Quick-Witted) “Teschin Zavod”;
  • Show contest “Miss and Mister Krastsvetmet”.

Veterans Council

The Krastsvetmet’s Veterans Council was established in 1992. It comprises 1,457 retired employees, including 15 war veterans and 107 workers on the home front. The council established a veteran’s choir, dance group, gardening and chess clubs. Krastsvetmet provides financial aid for veterans in hardship, reimburses health resort treatment and organizes cultural events.